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Relationships can either make or mar you. Understanding this before venturing into any relationship is very important to avoid the          
"had-i-known" song.

Ladies in particular who seem to most times be at the receiving end should endeavour not to rush into relationships with what is called "blind eye syndrome". There are things you must watch out for before you settle down in a relationship with a guy.

10 Jun 2020


Mentor & Mentee

The difference most times between successful people and failures is just the quality of mentorship the successful person got. You cannot know it all really.

Many have gone through the path you are trying to take now. Submit to quality mentorship and you will be glad you did. 

12 Jun 2020


Reaching out

It is a comon saying that "no man is an island of himself". This is true, we most times need each other. The world was not designed to exist witjhout social interaction.

Lending a helping hand in various forms only helps to bring us a better world to live in. From teaching people skills, financial aids, community support involvement, everyone has something to do to reach out to others especially the needy.

12 Jun 2020


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